Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Fire Drill and/or Incident Report Form Format

Section 1- Assessment of persons discovering/responding to fire 

Simulated or Actual Activities

  1. Were people in immediate danger evacuated?
  2. Zone of origin evacuated?
  3. Were doors closed and latched to confine the fire and reduce the smoke spread
  4. Was the fire alarm manually activated (if the scenario required this action)?
  5. Was the fire department called or switchboard notified as required by procedures?
  6. Was an attempt made to extinguish the fire?
  7. Was the attempt appropriate?
  8. Did sufficient staff respond and evacuate endangered occupants in an organized and timely manner?
  9. Was scene supervision appropriate?
  10. Were instructions clear?
  11. Horizontal evacuation conducted?

Section 2- Did the following features operate appropriately in your area?

  1. Fire alarm pulls station (where applicable) and audible fire alarm devices
  2. Voice communication system (voice messages were audible)
  3. Self-closing doors closed and latched upon fire alarm system activation
  4. Electromagnetic locking devices released locked doors upon fire alarm system signal
  5. Fire hose stations, fire extinguishers and/or sprinklers (where applicable)

Section 3- Did employees respond appropriately upon hearing the fire alarm signal and voice communication instructions?

  1. Checked rooms and area for fire and closed doors immediately
  2. Designated staff responded to the fire area to assist with evacuation
  3. Hazardous equipment safely shut down where appropriate (i.e., oxygen, dryers)
  4. Corridors were clear and unobstructed

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