Monday, June 28, 2021

Emergency Portable Diesel or Petrol Generator Checklist

Following are some key points that will help you to have safe operation for using an  Emergency Portable Petrol Generator:

  1. Is the generator stored outside in a very well-ventilated cage?
  2. Are the storage area floor firm and level?
  3. Nothing is stored on or under the generator?
  4. The staff working with the generator have a Safe Work Procedure specific to the generator model?
  5. Staff have had in-service training regarding the Safe Work Procedures in using the specific generator?
  6. No flammable materials within two meters of the generator?
  7. Exhaust is aimed away from doorways, air inlets, and public areas?
  8. Fuel is kept in a steel Jerry can?
  9. Fuel is kept at least two meters away from the generator?
  10. No smoking sign is visible from all angles where the generator is kept?
  11. A fire extinguisher is easily accessible?
  12. Fire extinguisher expiry date: 
  13. First aid kit is easily accessible?
  14. Is there a suitably trained first aider available?
  15. Do the staff know the procedure in the event of a near miss/injury?
  16. The electric cord is a heavy-duty outdoor-rated extension cord sized for the total electrical load (voltage and amps) you may need?
  17. Is the cord secured out of the way to prevent accidental injury?
  18. The cord does not run through humid or wet conditions?
  19. Cords from the generator may not be under a mat /carpet due to heat buildup.
  20. Is there any visible damage to the cord: fraying/cuts / exposed wires?
  21. There is no tension on the electric cords?
  22. Is the generator grounded as per the specific model's instruction manual?
  23. All electrical connections are done by a certified electrician?
  24. The Portable petrol/generator is connected to the transfer switch that switches all conductors other than the equipment and or machinery grounding conductor.
  25. When switching off does the generator run until the fuel is spent from the carburetors?

Instructions for the Use of An Emergency Portable Petrol Generator

  • All problems highlighted will be reported with no latency to the site supervisor/engineer.
  • Any tool, instrument or machine that is damaged, broken or has parts missing will not be used until repaired, tested and checked appropriately.
  • Report all problems on the “Reporting of a Defect” form and give it to the supervisor ASAP.
  • Once finalized all supporting documentation must be filed in your OHS files for inspection by the Department of Labour (the state or country where your business exists).

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