Sunday, June 20, 2021

Daily Scaffold Inspection Checklist

Following are some key points that will help you to work safely while on height (Scaffolds & Ladders) as being project Engineer or supervisor:

  1. Are Sills properly placed and adequately sized?
  2. Have screw jacks been appropriately used to level and plumb scaffold instead of unsafe objects such as heavy iron/steel material and or concrete blocks?
  3. Are base plates and/or screw jacks are firm, fixed securely and in contact with sills and frames?
  4. Are all scaffold legs braced with braces appropriately secured and attached?
  5. Is the guard railing in place on all open sides and ends above the 10’ level?
  6. Have portable or fixed ladders been appropriately provided as a means of access to the scaffold?
  7. Have freestanding towers been guyed, secured or tied so as not to exceed the 4 - 1 base height ratio?
  8. Are all working-level platforms completely and appropriately planked between guardrails with no split planking used?
  9. Does planking have a minimum 12” overlap extended beyond supports and cleated at ends?
  10. Has a tie off analysis been performed?
  11. Are toe-boards installed properly?
  12. Are safety harnesses easily available for use when required?
  13. Has all workforce who worked on scaffold been informed of trained, inducted in safe working practices while working on the scaffold/or other height work platform?
  14. Are our riggers properly installed at 90-degree angles perpendicular to the structure?
  15. Have scaffold components been appropriately and closely inspected for any possible deterioration, damage and or compatibility?

Rolling Towers/Baker/Perry Scaffolds

  1. Are outriggers (if needed) appropriately installed on both sides of rolling towers?
  2. Are platforms completely and accurately planked with no gaps greater than 1 inch?
  3. Are wheel brakes operable, and have employees been instructed to set brakes while in use?
  4. Are safety rails installed at the 10-foot level or some other type of fall protection?
  5. Have employees been properly instructed in the safety procedures for using rolling towers, Baker or Perry Scaffolds?
  6. Have caster or wheel stems been pinned appropriately and securely and or otherwise secured to prevent them from coming separated from the scaffold legs?

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