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Working at Height-HIRA


A fall from any height can be dangerous. Employers must ensure that a fall protection system is used if workers could fall from a height of 3 m (10 ft.) or more, or where a fall from a lesser height could result in serious injury. Falls from heights can result in serious injuries, including fractures, contusions, abrasions, and head and spinal injuries.  High-risk activities at heights include tank inspections, tank cleaning, and adding ingredients from the top of the tank.

Unsecured tools and materials can also fall from heights and strike people working below:

Risk Control

Reduce or minimize the risk of falls by practising the following technical and informative guidelines:

  • Try to eliminate tasks or modify them so workers can do them from below. If possible, add dry ingredients using pneumatic conveyance, recirculation systems, platform ladders, or scissor lifts. If workers still need to climb to the top of tanks, they should use platform ladders or scissor lifts.
  • Install protected work platforms, catwalks, and staircases, if possible. Platforms and catwalks should have guardrails and toe boards to prevent tools and materials from falling.
  • Where required, make sure workers use personal fall protection, such as fall restraint or fall arrest systems. Make sure your workers are trained on how to use the fall protection system and its limitations.
  • Platform ladders allow workers to perform tasks safely at the top of tanks.

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Working at Height-HIRA 

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