Monday, June 21, 2021

Site Inspection Checklist

1- Working area and storage

  • Area free from obstacles & unnecessary materials
  • Storage of materials organized
  • Waste disposal & separation containers provided
  • Good Housekeeping in good order
  • No visible soil pollution or spill/leak issues  
  • Site admission controlled

2- Personal protection equipment

  • Safety helmets, safety footwear, coveralls
  • Safety gloves, safety goggles, ear protection
  • Safety harnesses, lifeline and chute/breathing apparatus 

3- First Aid and safety equipment

  • First Aid support present, first-aid kit/equipment available 
  • Emergency telephone number posted / first aid stretcher 
  • Plant firefighting equipment present & inspected
  • Escape routes, muster station provided, indicated
  • Safety signs present

4- Scaffolding, ladders, climbing gear

  • Scaffolding provided with approval tag & grounded
  • Scaffolding clean and free from obstacles
  • Ladders and stairs in good condition
  • Scaffolding and ladders safe and secured 

5- Hoisting gear and equipment

  • Cranes and blocks checked, colour coded and certified
  • Hoisting capacities and max load’s visible
  • Slings, shackles, eyebolts visually inspected  

6- Tools in general

  • Tools well maintained and in good condition
  • Tools are proper for the job and used properly
  • Certificates of tool calibration available as appropriate
  • State remarks and observations when not OK 

7- Process and electricity  

  • Process and electrical systems isolated, tagged and checked 
  • Electrical tools and equipment in proper condition 
  • Electrical tools and equipment. inspected and certified
  • Site construction switchboards in good condition
  • Tool containers and equipment properly grounded
  • Extension cables in good condition and reeled off
  • Illumination is adequate

8- Hazardous substances

  • Good housekeeping of chemicals
  • Dangerous chemicals registered/labelled / properly stored
  • MSDS chemical safety information present  
  • Personal protection equipment presents for safe handling 
  • Safety shower and eyewash available 
  • Chemical waste disposal containers/system present

9- Gas bottles/cylinders

  • Stored, fixed and used in the upright position, in a safe vented area
  • Acetylene, oxygen bottles with flame arrester, non-return valve
  • Separated, indicated by type and contents
  • Protected from heat sources, corrosion & weather
  • Firefighting equipment present

10- General

  • Plant safety induction, at first admission, present
  • Gangways, platforms, stairs free from obstacles
  • Plant emergency and contact information present 
  • Permit to work procedure in use and valid permit 
  • Sanitation and canteen facility’s organized
  • Additional machines safe and inspected
  • Workplace ventilation adequate
  • Surrounding noise levels recognized
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