Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Checklist for Tower Crane

1- Tower Crane Approved for Use

  1. Tower Crane is approved by Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
  2. Tower Crane has a valid Lifting Machine certificate (issued less than 12 months ago).

2- General Requirements

  1. Tower Crane is provided with markings of the Safe Working Load, serial number and LM number.
  2. Appropriate Safe access and egress are provided to the crane operator.  
  3. A Load Capacity Chart (LCC) is displayed in the operator cabin apparently.  
  4. Operator crane cabin is provided with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry.
  5. A safety bar is fitted across the operator’s cabin window where there is the likelihood of the operator falling through it.
  6. A fire extinguisher is fit for use and provided in the operator cabin.
  7. An updated Operation and Maintenance logbook is available in the operator cabin.
  8. Manufacturer Operating Manual and Maintenance Manual are made available.
  9. The Tower crane is adequately grounded or protected against lightning.

3- Other visual checks

  1. Load charts & other symbols are available and visible.   
  2. Hydraulic fluid level is sufficient.
  3. Slewing oil level is sufficient.
  4. All mounting bolts are in good condition.   
  5. The hydraulic system is free of leaks.   
  6. Boom sections and areas are free of cracks or dents.
  7. Main and auxiliary wire ropes are well lubricated, checked, maintained and that there are no visible defects such as broken wires, kinks, excess wear, crushing etc.
  8. Winches, pulleys and wire ropes maintained and are in good working condition.
  9. The Crane hook is provided with a proper and recommended safety catch to prevent displacement of the sling or load from the hook.

4- Safety and Operational Devices

  1. Load radius indicator with warning alarm is installed.   
  2. A jib angle indicator is provided (For Luffing Jib Tower Crane).  
  3. The emergency stop button, which will terminate the operation of the crane engine, is installed in the operator cabin and correctly identified.
  4. Effective braking mechanisms for the following is maintained:
  5. Hoisting   
  6. Derricking  
  7. Slewing   
  8. Trolley Travelling  
  9. Hoisting Limiter to prevent over-hoisting of the hook block is functional.
  10. Trolley Travelling limiter to prevent over-travelling of the trolley is functional.
  11. Limit switches to prevent over-derrick and over-lowering of the jib (For Luffing Jib Tower Crane) is functional.
  12. Slewing limiter to restrict slewing of crane is functional.   
  13. Overload Limiter to prevent overloading of crane is functional.
  14. Load Moment Limiter to prevent over-turning moment is functional.
  15. Anti-collision devices are tested to stop the tower crane’s operation such that the crane-to-crane interference must be maintained at not less than 3 meters.
  16. Wind anemometer is installed and is in good working condition.
  17. Adequate aircraft warning lights and/or chequered white and red flags are provided.

5- Maintenance

  1. Tower Crane has a regular maintenance programme that is following the manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. Maintenance work on the Tower Crane is carried out by Competent Persons.

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