Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Weekly Area Safety Assessment Audit Checklist

The following points is to be followed as a guideline by the site team to perform the health, safety and environmental inspection. All worksite observations should be noted carefully and very closely on the attached observation sheet. Upon accomplishing of the inspection each category should be rated as: 









1- Housekeeping

  1. Project worksite areas are tidy and free of excess trash, debris or other waste.
  2. Walkways and passageways are properly clear.
  3. Material or equipment are appropriately stored.
  4. Electrical cords, hoses, welding leads, etc. over headed to prevent trip hazards.
  5. Make sure that the Scrap material is free of obtruded nails or other puncture hazards.
  6. Trash drums or containers are provided for work areas and water tanks.
  7. Barricades, and/or rebar caps installed and maintained.

2- Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Hard hats are worn and maintained as required.
  2. Hearing protection is worn as required.
  3. Eye protection needed and worn in a appropriate and safe manner.
  4. Proper foot protection worn for the job performed.
  5. Face shield or goggles worn as required.
  6. Other; respirators, gloves, chemical resistant garments.

3- Fall Protection

  1. Full Body harness required and worn in a proper manner.
  2. Lanyards are adequately secured to suitable anchorage.
  3. Perimeter guarding.
  4. Stationary lines, ratlines installed and adequate of supporting 5,400 lbs. of force.
  5. Fall protection equipment (body harness, safety nets) is used only for fall protection.
  6. Fall protection is maintained properly and has a updated current inspection.

4- Excavations

  1. Sloped and shored properly.
  2. Access and egress provided every 25 ft.
  3. Daily documented inspections conducted.

5- Scaffolds and Ladders

  1. Built per specification.
  2. Proper access and egress provided.
  3. Tagged correctly.
  4. Proper ladder for the task performed/appropriately secured.

6- Hoisting and Lifting Equipment

  1. Chain fall, chokers are in stable condition with current and updated inspection.
  2. Softeners used as required.
  3. Proper rigging techniques used.

7- Vehicles/Mobil Equipment

  1. Lights, brakes, horns, alarms working properly.
  2. Seat belts provided and used.
  3. Properly maintained.
  4. Equipment used properly.
  5. Licenses or certifications as required.

8- Tools and Equipment

  1. Electrical cords - condition and current inspection.
  2. Tools are maintained in a safe condition.
  3. Tools are properly carried and stored.
  4. Pneumatic / hydraulic hose connections properly secured.
  5. Proper tools used for the job performed.
  6. Proper and recommended modifications on work rest and wheels appropriately dressed on bench grinders.

9- Fire Protection

  1. Flammables stored properly.
  2. Oxygen and combustibles separated.
  3. Containers labelled as to the content.
  4. Fire extinguishers properly located and inspected.
  5. Flash arrestors installed.
  6. Compressed gas cylinders properly maintained.
  7. Restraint of hot work and welding screens as required.
  8. Regulator gauges properly attached and maintained.

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