Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sub-Contractors Pre-Work Requirements and Documents Details

Pre-Work Documents Requirements Details for Sub-Contractors

The Method Statement & Risk Assessment should be accepted subject to the following directions but not limited to:

  • Ensure the compliance with operations steps at defined in Method Statement & Risk Assessment
  • RA should be completed before initiations the work at the site. 
  • Ensure appropriate compliance of Risk Assessment safeguards.
  • The contractors comply to fill COVID-19 Precautionary checklist (while entering the plant room/Site/Facility) and also to complying COVID-19 risk assessment, particularly in the current pandemic era.
  • Before execution, the activity ensures toolbox talks among Method Statement & Risk Assessment.
  • Full-time keen supervision. 
  • Appropriate compliance with PPE’s including work at height. 
  • Lockout Tagout (LOTO) isolation procedure shall be implemented if required. 
  • The Permit to Work (PTW) shall be obtained before executing the activity at entering the plant room/Site/Facility. 
  • Ensure appropriate safe access & egress.  
  • Working platforms scaffolding & ladder shall be in accordance with Main Contractor’s Integrated Management System (IMS). 
  • Staff details including a valid passport, visa, EID’s copies
  • Tools, Plant & equipment details
  • TPI (third party inspection) certificates of plant, equipment, tools being used (scaffold, safety Harness, electrical equipment etc.)
  • The Contractor shall ensure compliance with Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Chemical details (if in use) along with SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
  • HSE undertaking letter which needs to be signed and stamped by contractor representative 
  • Third-party liability Insurance
  • Trade License

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