Thursday, February 25, 2021

Safety Rules When Using Ladders-Toolbox Talks

The following key and Essential Safety Rules When Using Ladders:

  1. The footwear is not greasy, oily and muddy and has a good grip on the rungs.
  2. While climbing or coming down of any type of ladders, it should be facing the ladder side and had on with both hands.
  3. Bring light tools, equipment or devices in pockets in a shoulder bag.
  4. Hold on with at least a new hand if using both hands then, use the safety belt.
  5. Never climb higher than the third rung from the top on straight from the top on an extension ladder.
  6. The step ladder must be fully open and the divider locked
  7. The metal ladder shall not be used near electrical equipment's.
  8. The metal ladder shall not be placed on firm footing and at an angle of 75 degrees
  9. Ladder with any defect or damage (even minor) in any way should be marked do not use.
  10. The ladder shall not be placed on a box or drum. 
  11. Rubber protection on the head and heel of a ladder ls necessary.

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