Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Method Statement for Installation of Wallpaper on Concrete Wall

1. Purpose of the Method Statement

The purpose of this method is to provide sets of the methodical process for installation of wallpaper to the concrete wall all following the requirement of the designer.

2. Description of Work

  • Wallpaper is glued by adhesive laid smooth and flat in the wall. 
  • It gives aesthetic value and wall covering as well.
  • The concrete wall surface should be on the level with no bumps and waviness as it will reflect into the wallpaper when installed.

3. Delivery, Storage and Handling

  • Shall be delivered in sealed plastic that plainly shows the designated name, specifications. 
  • Wallcovering should be rolled and sealed.
  • It should be stored in an area not close to the painting and other stained materials and from water and any other liquid.

4. Installation

  • Check the levelness of concrete walls. Waviness and protrusions on the wall should be avoided upon installation of wallpaper as it will reflect when the wallpaper is installed.
  • Apply wallpaper adhesive on walls. Fill the wall with wall covering adhesive. This is not to absorb the wallpaper glue. Leave it until the wall absorbs the adhesive. 
  • Install the specified wall covering design. If the wall is free from flaws and the adhesive is dry. Install the wallpaper by applying glue directly to the whole covering. Then fit into the wall, start at the top and scrape it up to the bottom of the wall.
  • Cutting of wallpaper. It should be cut straight and aligned with the design.
  • Make sure that there are no bubbles inside. When not properly scrape bubbles might appear and can give protrusions to the wall covering, but minimal bubbles can be remedy by glue injections.
  • Terminations should be check. Especially when the specified wallpaper has design, the termination of each wallpaper shall be continuous.

5. Supervision

Installation of wallpaper covering is carried out by the skilled and experienced upholstery installers who have expertise in wallcovering installation. They are assisted by inexperienced labourers. Their work is in turn supervised by experienced Foremen. Site Engineer/Architect will be available for co-ordination with other sub-contractors and Main Contractor and also look into the technical aspects. He will ensure that the overall work conforms to the shop Drawing. And secure that the wallpaper is installed properly with no protrusions, no bubbles and good termination.

6. Materials Used in Preparation

  • Wallpaper Adhesive 
  • Metylan Powder Glue 
  • Cutter

7. Machinery and Tools to be Used

  • Cutter

8. Safety Procedures

  • Consider using proper protection, such as safety glasses, gloves, and a mask. 
  • Adhesive and glue should be kept in place to avoid misuse.
  • Use the ladder safely when installing in heights.

9. Maintenance

Wallpaper tends to cut and easily stained by some chemicals, but simple water with soap soak using clean cloth can remove stains and dents.

10. General

The Sub-Contractor reserves the right to make any amendment to the method from time to time in consultation with the Main Contractor, depending upon the particular worksite conditions.

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