Monday, February 15, 2021


Method Statement for the Installation of Pre-Cast Concrete Beams and Infill Blocks Using a Lorry Mounted Hiab Crane: 

The Site/Project Supervisor will arrive on-site and report to the site office with the assigned team for the site induction and ensure that the conditions of the method statement can be fulfilled and that the contractor/sub-contractor/customer has undertaken any preparatory works mandatory to enable the lorry to reach position.

  1. The operatives will then clean the surface of the brickwork with a trowel or same tool in preparation for the damp proof course. This will be rolled out by the workforce/operation workers and safeguarded to prevent any movement during the positioning of the beams.
  2. The operatives will then assemble the necessary equipment in readiness for the arrival of the delivery vehicle.
  3. Upon the arrival of the lorry, a member of the team will direct the vehicle into its right, assigned and designated position as per site plan. The Vehicle/lorry operator will then rig up as per the manufacturer’s instructions with the help of the Floor span Contracts operatives if required.
  4. Once the lorry is set up and all operational safety checks have been undertaken, the Supervisor will brief the rest of the team on the sequence of events in the form of a toolbox talk, following the Method Statement and Risk Assessment (MSRA). This will make sure that all workforce is aware of the sequence of works and the possibility of the sereneness of hazards present.
  5. The lorry driver will then use the ‘HIAB’ crane and a bespoke hydraulic grab to position the beams onto the footing.
  6. This operation will be repeated until all components are in position.
  7. All infill blocks will be delivered on an articulated vehicle on the morning of the works. If required Floor span operatives will act as a banksman to guide the vehicle safely into position. The blocks will be offloaded in a position agreed with the site representative that is acceptable for all the involved parties.
  8. When all beams are in place the lorry driver will remove the beam grab and replace it with a traditional block grab to position the infill blocks onto the footing. Packs of blocks (pallets) will then be put on the floor by the heavy machinery (crane).
  9. This process will be repeated until all of the blocks have been placed on the floor.
  10. When the lorry has undertaken all of its duties it can de-rig and be directed from the site by a member of the installation team.
  11. The operatives then move on for the installation process which includes the laying of edge blocks and the cutting of infill blocks and grouting on accomplishment.
  12. The cutting of Infill blocks may be initiated by either powered disc cutter or Manual Block Splitter (MBS).
  13. Operatives to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout.
  14. The operatives will conduct a final check of the floor and ensure that the area is clean, tidy, and safe. All tools will be cleaned, and equipment gathered.
  15. The operatives will then seek client approval and ensure that all parties are satisfied before conducting a final headcount and departing the site.
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