Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Extension Ladders-Toolbox Talks

Annually, approximately more than 50-Construction industry/sector labourers are killed by falls from ladders. Worker’s falls from extension ladders can be extremely dangerous because people are generally working at greater heights. 

A. Introduction

  1. Review any accidents or “near accidents” from the past week.
  2. Explain the hazards of the worksite related to the project.
  3. Explain the SSOW Procedures & SAFE way of doing the job.
  4. Provide Toolbox Safety Talks.
  5. Review any accidents or “near accidents” from the past week.

B. If, you are working at extension ladders, always follow these safety tips when:

  • While making a selection for an Extension Ladder, consider that the length of a ladder is varied from its usable length. The height these ladders can safely reach is minimized by the angle at which the ladder must be set up.
  • Position extension ladders appropriately so that the base of the ladder is one foot away from the wall for every 4- feet of ladder height. This ratio is essential because if the angle of the extension ladder is too steep, the fall of backwards possibility is severe. If the angle is too horizontal, the ladder can slip out from under you.
  • Be sure that both feet are on tidy, steady and balanced surfaces, and that both rails are resting equally on the resting spot. Secure ladders to prevent accidental or sudden movement.
  • Make sure side rails are at least three feet above the landing point, or that an adequate grab rail is provided.
  • After setting up an extension ladder, appropriately and carefully lock the top section in place.
  • While working from an extension ladder, acknowledge using a fall protection system attached to a secure anchor point on the building, particularly and essentially if doing work that involves pushing, pulling, or prying. 

C. In the case of multi-section ladders, make sure sections overlap by: 

  • At Least 3-Feet for extension ladders up to 32- feet.
  • By 4-Feet for ladders extension 32-feet to 48-Feet. 
  • By 5-Feet for ladders extension 48 feet to 60 feet.
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