Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Difference Between Leading and Lagging Indicators-PowerPoint

What are the Leading Indicators?

Here we will discuss what are leading indicators specific to occupational health and safety perspective. The leading indicators are proactive initiatives in their Realtime nature. Such indicators are carried out to check and stop unwanted events that leads to severe negative impacts on an organization’s businesses, to human life or towards society. Proper reporting activities are done in particular formats through health and safety observations, inspections and surveys. 

The Following Some Leading Examples of Leading Indicators Are:

  1. Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Training.
  2. Behaviour Base Trainings (BBT) and Audits.
  3. OHS Safety Audits.
  4. Toolbox Talks (TBT).
  5. Near Misses (NM).
  6. Attending and Joining in Safety Committee Meetings.
  7. Devices, Equipment/Machinery Maintenance.
  8. Various Hazard Identification Techniques E.g., Risk Assessments, JHA’s/JSA’s.

If we look deeper to such Leading indicators, no doubt they will push to enhance and promote health and safety awareness among all the stakeholders and prevention and will show how the organization is serious for the prevention of any near miss or fatal occurrences and taking proactive steps to target and gain excellence in safety.

What Are Lagging Indicators?

Such type of statistics is termed reactive. On the other side, lagging indicators are evaluation that incorporated data from the past. Such indicators include incidents and accidents (minor or fatal) statistics. These figures are the core/crux statistics that evaluate the overall effectiveness of health and safety within an organization. These lagging indicators will highlight and show the exact amount of many workers were injured with severity. 

The Following Some Leading Examples of Lagging Indicators Are:

  1. Injury Frequency and Severity.
  2. Lost Workdays.
  3. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) reportable incidents.
  4. Employees compensation cost.
  5. Chemical releases.

Being as health and safety accountable person, it is an essential part of your job to record all such lagging indicators that will protect you from your side against any legal action or complications. Along with their benefits, they have their shortcomings also. Always remember, that such indicators will only provide you information on workers injury data and their severity. The lagging mere measure failure, not performance.

The leading indicators will help the employers to improve their current occupational, health and safety management system along with the performance of their current safety management system on an ongoing basis, rather than relying on historic lagging indicators.

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