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Risk Assessment for Plate Load Test

Activities, Risks, Consequences, Existing and Additional Control Measures

1.Mobilization of Personnel, Vehicles, Equipment & materials

  • Vehicle/ Equipment movements
  • Adverse weather condition
  • Presence of flammable material
  • Manual Lifting
  • Fire.
  • Unsafe Driving
  • Poor visibility due to fog, dust, wind, raining
  • Road conditions
  • Insufficient clearance against overhead power lines resulting in contact with equipment during travel
  • Over speeding
  • Lack of proper inspection and maintenance.


  • Personal Injury
  • Fatalities
  • Asset/facilities Damage
  • Heat Stress

Existing Control Measures

  • Drivers and operators should possess valid (state/Country where organisation exist) driver license and operator license.
  • Valid certificate of mobile equipment, rigger, banks man from the third party should be available at the site.
  • Daily vehicle checklist to be conducted & available in the vehicle.
  • Safe journey management to be attached.
  • HSE induction for all the workers.
  • Appropriate signage must be displayed.
  • Mandatory & job-specific PPE and material management shall be ensured.
  • Make sure that everyone is involved in the manual lift and, those affected, are appropriately inducted.

Additional Control Measures

  • Emergency procedure shall be communicated to all workforce
  • Fire Extinguisher & first aid box to be kept securely in the vehicle
  • Emergency standby vehicle shall be available at the site
  • Ensure competent Banks man for all vehicle movement
  • Secure loads and equipment properly with strap belts
  • Vehicle shall be reverse parked in the designated parking place at the site
  • Stop all vehicles if visibility is less than 100m.
  • Equipment handling shall comply with ISO 45001:2018/IOSH/OSHA/OSHAD CoP’s & Standards.
  • Safety signage and signals shall comply with ISO 45001:2018/IOSH/OSHA/OSHAD CoP’s & Standards.

2. Manual Handling


  • Manual Lifting


  • Back pain and back injuries.
  • Fatigue.
  • Injury to neck, shoulders, arms or other body parts.

Existing Control Measures

  • Work to be accomplished by well trained and competent personnel
  • Adopt standard safe practice by conducting toolbox
  • Manual lifting does not exceed 20 kg
  • PPE to be used
  • Tools must be carried securely

Additional Control Measures

  • Safely organizing manual handling tasks, with loads split into smaller ones, and proper rest periods provided.
  • Manual Handling practices shall comply with ISO 45001:2018/IOSH/OSHA/OSHAD CoP’s & Standards.

3. General

  • Risks
  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Entanglement & material handling
  • Working in hot weather


  • Noise-induced hearing loss, Tinnitus, deafness
  • Respiratory problems
  • Eye injury/irritation,
  • Skin Irritation, Lungs problems
  • Major/Minor Property Damage.
  • Heat stress
  • Heatstroke

Existing Control Measures

  • All equipment, device or machinery with excessive noise must be enclosed where possible.
  • Appropriate signage must be displayed when / before entering the above areas.
  • All staff must wear the appropriate hearing protection when in and around identified excessive noise rears.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times while on-site.
  • Spraying the water to control the dust from the stone
  • TBT to be conducted before the task.
  • Mandatory eye protection must be worn by all personnel
  • PPE (dust mask) must be made available
  • Materials must be secured at all times
  • Follow mechanical/ manual lifting procedure.
  • Work area must be clear free from any materials/obstructions.
  • Appropriate Mandatory PPE shall be worn by all personnel.
  • Drink plenty of water-isotonic
  • Provide shelters where workers can find shade &   protection from the direct sunrise.
  • Ensure a work regimen were workers can be rotated, allowing short rest periods to prevent heat stress or heat stroke.
  • TBT to be conducted & all hazards associated discussed &    each crew member responsibility to be defined and understood.
  • Provide adequate first aid facility on-site and ventilated rest shelters

Additional Control Measures

  • A system of convenient breaks in the workplace.
  • Control measures shall comply with ISO 45001:2018/IOSH/OSHA/OSHAD CoP’s & Standards.
  • Drivers must abide by site speed limits
  • Dampening down access roads regularly.
  • Continuous workplace supervision to identify any severe potential fatigue.
  • Use mechanical lifting where ever possible.
  • Use safe material handling methods.
  • Material handling shall comply with ISO 45001:2018/IOSH/OSHA/OSHAD CoP’s & Standards.
  • Ensure sufficient water with hydrating salt (ORS) is available for personnel at the site.
  • Follow the summer break timings of local government.
  • Monitor workers closely for any signs of dehydration & advise them to take additional fluids and rest periods Control measures shall comply with ISO 45001:2018/IOSH/OSHA/OSHAD CoP’s & Standards.

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