Friday, January 22, 2021

Risk Assessment for Fabrication of Pipes in a Workshop

To prepare Risk Assessment for Fabrication of Pipes in a Workshop, here are some of the basic and initial points. For more health and safety free document download, you are requested to subscribe the blog and get the notifications for new uploaded documents. 

Fabrication of Pipes in a Workshop

Task Step

  • Arrange material to workshop “trailer”
  • Cutting of pipe
  • Grinding of pipe edge (Electrical)
  • Fit and weld


  1. Pipe falling
  2. Pinch point
  3. Finger injury
  4. Fire hazard
  5. Falling object
  6. Physical injury (Bodily injury)
  7. Electrical hazard (Electrocuted)
  8. Electrical hazard 440V
  9. Possible Accident/III Health Risks
  10. Fatal Facture
  11. Crush injury
  12. Bodily injury
  13. Damage property
  14. Fracture / Crush
  15. Eye injury
  16. Burnt
  17. For particle in eyes
  18. Accidentally cut
  19. Fracture and crush injury of Finger
  20. Defective cable

Existing Risk Control

  1. Wedges & side stopper
  2. Clearing of Combustible material
  3. H/W tools check
  4. Tool box meeting
  5. PPE; ear & eye protection
  6. Grinder guard
  7. Monthly Inspection
  8. Cable Rack / Housekeeping
  9. Limited to 2½ pound hammer
  10. Inspection tag
  11. PTW
  12. Shock preventer

Additional Risk Control Measure

  1. Extra chain/belt to secure
  2. Crowbar to be used
  3. Tag line
  4. Deny entry to unauthorized person
  5. Using of LIG
  6. Education/ Enforcement
  7. Using of both hands to grind
  8. Rolling down of sleeves
  9. Physical check of tools daily
  10. Change to pneumatic tools
  11. Education;
  12. Tool-box meeting
  13. Anti-slip handle grip
  14. Periodic month;
  15. Daily check

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Risk Assessment for Fabrication of Pipes in a Workshop