Thursday, January 21, 2021

Risk Assessment for Computer Laboratory

The following are some of the leading risks associated to the computer laboratory  or any other Display Screen Equipment:


  1. Ergonomics (Work-Related Disorders)
  2. Electrical routing of wires
  3. Electrical outlets
  4. Stress/Fatigue/Eyestrain etc. due to Lab’s hours of operation
  5. Effects from use of chemicals (Screen Cleaner)
  6. Slip & Trip due to trailing networking and electrical wires and or floor contamination with chemical or water spillage. 

Control Measures

  • Provide ergonomic work stations so repetitive strain injuries will not occur
  • The room should have sufficient electrical outlets for the number of workstations in the lab.
  • Be sure that electrical or networking wiring is routed to eliminate trip hazards. Extension cords should not be used.
  • Ensure workstation assessed in accordance with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations and complies with the State/Contry’s OSH Standards- Code of Practice on Visual Display Units. 
  • Ensure users are aware of the basic requirements of Display Screen Equipment Regulations and have the competence to adjust workstations to comply with the above.
  • Use a separate monitor rather than your laptop or tablet screen to reduce neck pain and visual fatigue. Position your screen to eye height or just below and move it to a comfortable viewing distance.
  • Operators to adopt multiple work systems & techniques and take frequent breaks away from the workstation and after every hour of continuous use.
  • Ensure only approved substances and Safety Control Systems are used and assessments undertaken were required.
  • Ensure user awareness regarding potential hazards from toner and instructions for safe use as outlined in the health and safety control sheet.
  • Toners replaced by trained personnel (Network Services).
  • Ensure all electrical equipment tested in accordance with the Electrical Safety-IIEE Regulations.
  • Equipment or other electrical devices must not be energized permanently with four gang leads. All computers and peripherals should have individual or separate socket outlets.
  • Make sure that any member of staff or other visitors without the relevant competencies does not interfere with, or try to make repairs to electrical equipment etc.

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