Friday, January 22, 2021

Risk Assessment for Installation of Drain line Below Helipad

To prepare Risk Assessment for Installation of Drain line Below Helipad,  here are some of the basic and initial points. For more health and safety free document download, you are requested to subscribe the blog and get the notifications for new uploaded documents. 

Installation of Drain line Below Helipad

Task Step

  • Scaffold Erection
  • Collection and mobilization of material’s from workshop include tools
  • Lifting of spools using yard cranes
  • Transfer the tools and spool to install.
  • Location by chain blocks
  • Installation of pipe & pipe’s supports follow by welding
  • Removal of tools and left over materials and housekeeping


  • Falling from heights
  • Hand injury and Fall objects
  • Caught In between Falling Hazard
  • Caught in Between
  • Falling objects from height
  • Possible Accident/III Health & Persons at Risk
  • Fatal Physical injury
  • Injury from falling

Existing Risk Control

  1. Erection only done by trained scaffold
  2. Use of fall protection devices (harness, etc.)
  3. Wearing hand glove and beware of pinch point.
  4. Ensure no over loading and appropriate lifting gears
  5. Wear hand gloves
  6. Secure properly of bundle of pipes
  7. Use proper lifting gears
  8. Selection of appropriate belts & chain blocks
  9. Proper secure points of chain block
  10. Ensure to wear body harness and hang on secure place
  11. Beware of pinch point
  12. Proper tools box to be used
  13. Provide fire cloth
  14. Ensure fire watch man
  15. Immediately remove excess materials, tools and proper housekeeping

Additional Risk Control Measure

  1. Check thoroughly the scaffold before assign to workers
  2. Pre job briefing in morning
  3. Competent & trained person to do rigging
  4. Check & inspect of belts condition (keep clear of lifting area)
  5. Barricade the area & display no entry sign
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