Saturday, November 21, 2020

Log Out-Tag Out (LOTO)

What is Lock Out?

Lock out is the process of preventing the flow of energy from a power source to a piece of equipment & keeping it from operating. Lock out is accomplished by installing a lock out device at the power source that equipment powered by that source can’t be operated. A lock out device is a lock, block or chain that keeps a switch, valve or lever in the off position. This is a special lock using for lock out only.

What is Tag Out?

Tag out is practiced by placing a tag on the power/energy source. The tag acts as a warning not restore energy. It is not a physical restriction tags must clearly state DO NOT OPERATE or the like & must be applied by hand.

What is Blinding?

The insert of a blind, spade or spectacle plate, the location of which is specified on an official blind list. Valve closed, isolating the system, put the blind

What is Isolation?

  1. To remove energy either mechanical or electrical e.g. blinding or disconnection
  2. To separate energy either electrical or mechanical 
  3. Positive isolation: means all energy sources to be identified all energy sources must be isolated and residual energy must be eliminated

Kinds of Blinds:

  1. Slip blind
  2. Ring blind 
  3. Spectacle blind,
  4. Flange blind

Safe Isolation:

Stoppage, draining down and blanking the systems during a shutdown assured by:

It is a decisive for the safety of maintenance staff that services are stopped, drained down, blanked etc. and remain in a safe status for the duration of the work

Knowledge Point:

  • Radiation energy, stored energy may be contained.
  • Cable steel/ car steel: flexible wire locks Red for closed and Green for open.
  • Pro lock. Universal system color red and green shall be used with conjunction with tag.
  • Residual stored energy: stored energy may be contained. Available some energy to harm.
  • Group lock out box: used to electrical breakers where can hold only one lock and others locks shall be in group lockout box which is available beside the panel.
  • Above 650 v Isolate and De-isolates done by SAEP (senior authorized electrical person).
  • 250 to 650 v done by IDA (Isolation and De-isolation authority).
  • ICP: Isolation control point.

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