Sunday, November 22, 2020

Lifting of Mechanical Grab Excavator

Activities-Job Steps in Sequence

  1. Slings of grab excavator kept on low be trailer will be placed on the hook of the crane properly
  2. Grab excavator
  3. Will be lifted vertically by 1.5 to 2 m from the static position to clear the bed.
  4. Move the grab excavator in the right direction so that any interaction of swinging of the crane does not occur.
  5. Take the Grab Excavator up to the job location where excavation is to be done
  6. Position the Grab Excavator properly to start the excavation process.


  1. Improper Stacking/Body injury
  2. Caught in b/w load and sling/body injury
  3. Uneven and lose surface/toppling of crane
  4. Improper maintenance/crane failure
  5. Untrained operator and signalman/Crane collapse
  6. Improper assessment/Fall of load
  7. Improper barrication/body injury
  8. Free swing of crane/hit to structure or person
  9. Frequent movement of person/body injury
  10. Untrained operator and signalman/fall of frame
  11. Free swing of grab excavator/hit to structure and person
  12. Movement of the unauthorized person close to the excavated area

Consequences: Body injury/ Property damage/Fall of a person

Present Control Measures

  1. The load should be kept on wooden sleepers in a stable position.
  2. Use PPE's
  3. No movement of the load should be allowed while placing the sling on the hook of the crane
  4. Before using crane should be checked and levelled properly.
  5. Periodical maintenance by P&M Dept. should be done and third-party inspection detail form should be attached.
  6. Medical fit and trained operator should be deployed for the operation.
  7. Proper assessment of crane safe working load at the particular 
  8. Proper attention should be paid for any interaction.
  9. No movement of persons is allowed under the load.
  10. Medical fit and trained operator and signalman should be deployed for the operation.
  11. Double leg sling should be used with guide rope at both ends.
  12. Barrication should be provided around the working area and unauthorized entry should be strictly stopped.
  13. No unauthorized person shall be allowed at site location and authorised personal should wear a safety belt and proper attention should be paid all around the area.
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