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Heat Stress-Thermal Work Limit (TWL)

What Thermal Work Limit term mean?

TWL is explained as the limiting or maximizing renewable metabolic rate that well-hydrated, acclimatized individuals can maintain in a particular thermal environment, within a safe deep body bottom-line temperature (< 38.2 °C or 100.8 °F) and Sweat Rate (SR) (< 1.2 kilograms or 2.6 lb per hrs.) The index is made for self-paced employees and does not rely on the estimation of real-time metabolic rates, a process that is difficult and subject to considerable error. The index has been introduced into Australia, resulting in a considerable and consistent fall in the incidence of heat illness in the latter.

Thermal Work Limit (TWL):

  1. Enable safe management of work in the heat
  2. Measured in watts per square meter (w/m2)
  3. Calculated from environmental parameters
  4. Employee hydrated & acclimatized to the conditions

TWL Measured in / Readings:

  1. WBGT: Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
  2. TWL: Thermal work limit (w/m2) watts per minute
  3. WORLD Temperature: c’ (decisive by the Radiant Heat-RH) (in degrees °C)
  4. Dry Bulb Temperature (DBT): c’ (ambient air temperature) (in degrees °C)
  5. RELATIVE HUMIDITY (RH):  % WET Bulb Temperature: c’ (determined by the humidity/evaporation) (in degrees °C)
  6. WIND: m/s (in meters per second)

Knowledge Point:

  1. Headaches do happen with little fluid loss (1-2 litres).
  2. Sweat is 99.9% water so change it with water.
  3. Heat Exhaustion greater than 40.6 c’
  4. Sweat Rates (SR) can be up to 1.5 litres/hour

Symptoms of Heat Stress

  • Headache, Dizziness, Weakness, Nausea, Fainting, Colored urine, Inability to think straight, mantel confusion, upset stomach, Clammy skin, moist skin, Mood change such as irritability or confusion, hot dry skin, red skin
  • If you find these types of symptoms immediately take medical help otherwise it may be
  • Dangerous for individual life
  • Workers/employees/people can take precautionary measures to avoid heat stress.
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