Saturday, September 5, 2020

Eye Protection-Toolbox Talks

In the construction industry, more than 10,000-15,000 eye injuries every year compel workers to miss work. Construction field has a much higher rate of eye injuries as compared to other industry.

There are a lot of different ways that a person can injure their eyes on a construction site.

1. Nails, metal shavings, splinters can be flying in the air. The Cement mixing, sawing, grinding and chipping work activities produce dust and grit. So does heavy machinery move across a worksite?

2. Chemicals and arc flash can also burn your eyes.

3. With so many ways to injure your eyes, we are fortunate that we have several ways to protect them.

When we evaluate the hazards in our work area we must consider the hazards that can harm our eyes. And select a proper way to protect them.

Various projects need everyone to we

Safety Glasses:

ar Safety Glasses rated ANSI Z87


Goggles are used when there is a possibility of having a substance splashed in the eyes or airborne particles.

Face Shields:

Face Shields are used to protect the face and eyes from flying objects but may require additional protection against high impact objects for the eyes, Such as; Goggles or Safety Glasses.

Cutting / Welding:

When cutting with a torch you should use Shade 5 or greater eye protection and when welding, a welding helmet with an appropriate lens should be worn.

Points to Remember:

  • Every task requires your eyes
  • It’s up to you to protect them
  • Eye protection rated ANSI Z87 is the minimum requirement for eye protection.
  • Eyewash should be available at concrete pours.

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