Friday, September 4, 2020

Checklist of Documents Required for WSHMS Audit (Construction Perspective)

List of Documents

1- A site organisation chart (Workplace Safety & Health)
2- Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) policy statement
3- WSH Management System Manual (Corporate & Site)
4- WSH duties & responsibilities / job descriptions
5- Certificate of registration of factory
6- Risk Assessment Records
7- Record of Safe Work Procedure
8-Complete detailed information on the current strength of workers on the day of the audit
9-List of primary and sub-contractors’ qualified OHS for workplace personnel with certificate
10-Records/Evidence of project site professional who had completed and gained safety training
11-Records/Evidence of site professional who are currently undergoing health and safety training
12-Example of relevant certificates

  • BCSS
  • SOTC
  • Lifting Supervisor
  • SIC (Manhole)
  • Scaffold Supervisor
  • Safety Management Course
  • Safety Committee Members Course
  • First Aid Course
  • Forklift Operator, Crane Operator etc

13-Roles and representatives of WSH committee
14-Minutes of WSH committee meetings & coordination meeting
15-Records of toolbox meetings
16-Accident investigation procedures
17-Accident investigation reports/records
18-In-house Safety & Health rules and regulations
19-Disciplinary and commendation policies
20-Permit-to-work system
21-Personal protective equipment issue records
22-Safety inspection checklists, registers and other records of inspections carried out
23-Statutory test certificates of site machinery and equipment
24-Machinery preventive maintenance records
25-Certificate of competency and authorization of machinery operators
26-Chemical safety procedures
27-Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
28-Emergency Plan
29-Occupational Health Programmed & records
30-Previous Safety Audit Reports and Action Plans

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Checklist of Documents Required for WSHMS Audit

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