Monday, August 10, 2020

Soil Condition Inspection Form

Why Is a Soils Test to be Required Before the Construction?

Inspection of Crane travelling route and standing position will be carried out to confirm that any excavation or backfilling carried out or not. Underground utility lines must be considered during this inspection. If (No), after physical checking by project civil Engineer it will be permitted to carry out the work.


  1. Structure back filling will be carried out and the area will be compacted.
  2. Deep compaction test will be carried out to confirm the area/soil strength.
  3. Steel sheets will be provided in that area.  Dunn age will be provided below jack.
  4. If Crawler crane is there Steel sheet will be used as per requirement.

This format is used for Soil Testing requirements that a construction company is required to fulfill legal requirements for the state where this company exist. The local authorities required to follow proper soil testing procedures when requesting initial soils reports and geotechnical investigations of that construction site for crane lifting or rigging work. As per the state’s required building construction standards and requirements, preliminary soils reports are mandatory and essential for all the construction companies. If a preliminary report identifies soil issues which could cause structural damage to the building or heavy lifting machinery is not safe and secure to carry out the required operation, the state mandates a full geotechnical investigation.
Most of the local governments’ requisites for a soils report exceed those of the building department authority of the state or country level. In most of the soil test cases, soils reports are mandatory for all new construction projects. Depending on site conditions, a soils report may highlight expansive soils, high water tables, shifts in subsurface rock structures, as well as the soil’s response to earthquakes. It may also guide the design team in planning deep foundations. The soils engineer’s findings must be addressed in the design before a building permit is issued.

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