Wednesday, August 19, 2020

PPE Release Form

Importance of PPE in the Workplace

Personal Protective Equipment is the last-resort lifeline for your workforce at the workplace while carrying out various daily activities such as work at height, confined space work, work at live electrical appliances& installation, or lifting operations. We should never avoid the importance of PPE at our as being an employee, employee, line manager, project engineer or supervisor at the workplace. To understand how essential and mandatory it is, we require to understand what it is. Any items of safety equipment, tool or device that protects the wearer against potential severe occupational health and safety risks in the workplace is supposed to be a PPE. Provision of proper PPE by the employer and the compliance with the provided PPE by the employee is legally mandatory for both. It is legally required for most industries such as construction, Offshore & onshore operations, agriculture, and engineering. Protective equipment required by law will differ according to the wearer’s working circumstances. 
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