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Job Safety Analysis Worksheet Form

Brief Analysis of Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

To keep worksite free of unwanted and fatal incidents/accidents, every employer, employee or accountable personals e.g., project engineers, line managers, site supervisors and the most integral part of this process, health and safety specialists (HSE Engineers, Officers or manager) plays a vital role by showing and practicing their capabilities and promoting safe and secure health and safety culture within the organisation. For the accomplishment of such safe and secure hazard and risk free environmental, verity of legal, moral, financial terms, laws, regulations, standard operating procedures and proper documentation is followed and implemented.
Before starting every work at site, the Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) is a primary process of determining physical requirements, environmental conditions and safety circumstances relating to a particular job or task. Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) are the most frequently utilized for static or repetitive tasks, in which the job, equipment and work environment change minor.

The Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)

Particularly, the Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are created step-by-step methods for a specific non-repetitive work activity which may be hazardous. The objective of the Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) is to provide written and appropriate documented guidance for a specific activity/task such that any competent, professional and qualified worker/employee can successfully and safely accomplished the work activity. the Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are best initiative and utilized for highly skilled jobs and when the equipment, machinery or tool and working environment change often. Such as, a Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) with proper and essential warnings and cautions, would best be created and used for work activities/tasks, for example, entry into confined space, MEP tasks, lockout-tag out (LOTO), welding operations (hot), system startup and shutdown.

What Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) provide?

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) determination process 
  2. Resource for supervisors (various fields including MEP, FLS, civil, oil & gas, etc.) to train new employees 
  3. Proper control of work activities /job steps 
  4. Identification and prevention of potential fatal hazards 
  5. Benchmark for sever or minor accident/incident and near misses’ investigation 
  6. Analysis of employee achievements and or performances. 
The most essential and integral Part of JSA process is the Supervisor of any level, who is in continuously and consistently in coordination and connection with Supervisors are in an exceptional position to recognize and correct unsafe acts and conditions as they occur. 

Documents for SOP’s & JSA’s Preparedness

The following forms and documents are feasible for developing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are:

  1. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Form
  2. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Task Steps
  3. Task Hazard Assessment Logbook (HAW)
  4. Task Hazard Prevention & Control Logbook
  5. Process for the Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  6. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Consist of the Following Main Points:
  7. Physical Requirements for the Task/Work Activity/Job
  8. Environmental Conditions where the work or activity to be conducted.
  9. What type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required?
  10. Steps for the job to be carried out.

What type of Potential Accident or Hazards associated with that each of the step?

what safety measures to be adopted to accomplished for each step of that particular job/task?
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are Completed Through the Followings Steps:
Development of Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s)
Review and approval of Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) JSA’s
Implementation of Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s)
Review and updating Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) JSA’s
Periodic Training using Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s)

Development of JSA/SOP

There are many ways to develop Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s), however, observation and team approach has proven the most trusted. by watching carefully, the tasks, the inspector /observer can see immediate what is needed, recognize the hazards and suggest alternatives. 

Following is the sequence used to make a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s):

  1. Select the most competent observer
  2. Explain the objectives of your observations
  3. Observe closely and carefully the task and explain each steps used to accomplish the assignment
  4. Document the primary steps
  5. Review each of the step with the observer explanation.
  6. Observe the task a second time to identify residual hazards record the findings that include the following:
  • Impact
  • Contact with Chemicals/substances
  • Caught on or between (machinery, object or rotating parts of machinery, etc.)
  • Lacerations
  • Skin Burns
  • Fall, Slip or trip
  • Over exertion
  • Cumulative Trauma
  • Observe the task for the third time to develop corrective initiatives to all hazard potentials
  • Review your findings with the Employee apparently
  • Complete the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form or write Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

Review and Approval of Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

After the draft copy of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) has been accomplished, it should be reviewed by a team consisting of the Safety consultant/Coordinator, Department Manager/Line Manger, Project/site Engineer, Supervisor and affected workers/Employees. After discussing all questions with the team members, a final version is then drafted.

Implementation of JSA/SOP’s

Completed Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are then analyzed with the entire department by the Supervisor. New hires and transfers should have the JSA/SOP’s reviewed with them and made part of the Employee's job performance evaluation.

Updating Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

All new hazards, machineries and their operations, equipment and tools should be upgraded on the JSA/SOP’s and communicated essentially to all workers ASAP. JSA’s will become out-dated if not reviewed periodically.

Periodic Training and Retraining

Annually, the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) should be analyzed by the Supervisors with all Employees. JSA/SOP’s should be analyzed with the Employee during an accident investigation to help identify possible causes or problem areas.
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