Friday, July 17, 2020

Worksite Mobilization List of Activities

Site Mobilization

Cable drum handling

Working on Overhead / Underground services

Cable pulling, laying and termination

Working in Confined Space

Material handling

Working in Confined Space

Handling steel drums

Heavy lifting/use of cranes

Use of hand tools

Deep Excavation

General cleaning of the site

Scaffolding erection for working at heights

Removal of scaffolding

Site security arrangements

Application of sealant

Traffic Management


Use and storage of dangerous chemicals & substances.

False Ceiling Work

Working on or near water

Electrical Work  (Fitting Lights)

Working on existing structures, premises

Use of ladders

Working on or near oil and gas facilities

Cutting and bending of rebar

Concreting works

Erection of tower cranes

Transportation of gas cylinders

Dismantling of tower cranes

Gas cutting

Provide temporary electric power

Sheet Piling

Movement of plant and equipment on site

Earthwork Excavation


Installation of cable tray and cable trucking


Working at height

Stacking and storage of material

Working adjacent to other trades

Unloading of materials from trucks

Use of power tools such as drill machine or grinding machine.

Installation of chillers

Material handling

Working with concrete vibrators

Grinding and cutting

Working with compactors (Leveling & Compaction)

Lifting operation

Floor openings

Use of Mobile plants/equipment

Installation of formwork

Manual handling

Making and fixing of shutters

Electrical work

Sewage disposal

Threading machine use

Glazing Work

Installing insulation and vapors barrier, waterproofing.

Fixing Metal Doors & Balustrades

Pressure testing of pipes

Energizing the system

Grooving pipes

Transformer fixing

Placing of material

Applying Bitumen Coat

Mortar mixing

Wall Ceramic Works


Pressure Testing of pipes

Back-filling of excavation

Fire Alarm & Telephone  work

Welding and cutting

Chilled water piping

Cutting metal panels


Removal of waste

Carpentry Workshop Activities

Steel structure erection

Manual handling of materials

Use of lifting equipment and cranes

Lifting of materials


Wood Cutting

Installation of pipes and valves

Wood Chipping

Electrical work fixing poles and lights

Wood Nailing

Anti-termite chemical use

Fabrication of Doors and Window, Wood  Panels

Disinfection of Water

Painting Works

Handling of Timber

Adhesive Sealant Application

Carpentry works

Flush Doors and Window Installation

Masonry work

Interior Architectural Wood Work

Cutting & fixing of steel

Mirror Fixing

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