Thursday, July 30, 2020

Worksite Health and Safety Bulletin Board

The Importance of Worksite Health and Safety Bulletin Board

Proper health and safety communication play a vital role to protect workers from unwanted fatal incidents/accidents or near misses and their health and safety in the workplace. It is the legal and moral duty of employers to post certain informational documents. The Health and Safety Bulletin Board (HSEBB) is an ideal location for posting these documents.  A Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspector may check the Health and Safety Bulletin Board at your workplace to make sure that the employer has posted the required documents.
Below mentioned is a list of various documents that could be found on the Health and Safety Bulletin Board at your worksite.  It includes possible useful links for downloading and further HSE information. 
Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Bulletin regarded to be free electronic newsletter published by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) department within the organization. Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Alerts: The Alerts keep readers informed of recent organization’s WSH incidents and highlight learning points, and provide recommendations on how similar incidents can be avoided.

About HSE Documents

To download more about occupational health, safety and environmental free content e.g., risk assessments, method of statements, inspection/observation reports, incident/accident/near miss reports, audit external and internal QA & QC audit reports, job hazard identification, pre-task briefing reports, minutes of meeting formats, training need analysis, safety training PowerPoint slides, civil fabric reports, incident reporting formats, toolbox talks, variety of checklists, electrical, HAVC, plumbing, fire and safety reports, energy conservation reports, QHSE inspection closure reports, personal protective equipment (safety shoes, high visibility safety jackets, face shield, safety glasses, helmet, fall arrest system, posters, tags, emergency cards, emergency response procedures, policy statements, technical guidelines and procedures for hand, battery-operated or power tools, equipment and machinery, confined space entry, roads safety, Nebosh notice, previous papers, free HSE /OSH/SHE and engineering books,  oil and gas reports, please visit our website at  and where you will find all about HSE.

Health Safety and Environmental: 

The Health Safety and Environmental articles generate very informative and useful awareness on various safety and health-related issues and topics, such as occupational health and diseases, the handling of industrial chemicals, substances and sharing of prominent Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) practices.

HSE Announcements:

The health safety and environmental announcements feature updates on events and programs organized by the company’s WSH department by using the HSE bulletin boards. They would also keep readers updated on recent Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) related news and developments, including the roll-out of new laws and regulations, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) technical guidelines, advisories and Codes of Practices on such HSE Bulletin boards at worksites/projects.
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