Thursday, July 30, 2020

HSE Electrical Audit Checklist

The Following Leading Point will be Discussed and noted in the HSE Electrical Audit Checklist:

A. Electrical Switchboards and Equipment

  1. Are switchboards and electrical equipment in a safe condition? 
  2. Is everything on the switchboard clearly labelled? 
  3. Have all electrical safety switches (residual current devices) been fitted to all circuits?   

B. Power Points, Light Fittings and Switches   

  1. Are all power points light fittings are in safe place and free from obvious defects (e.g. loose safety covers or wires broken, damaged or deteriorated electrical fittings, signs of overheating)?
  2. Are isolating switches clearly labelled and accessible?   

D. Power Tools, Flexible Leads and Power Boards   

  1. Is portable electrical equipment, tools or machinery protected by safety switches?   
  2. Are all power tools, extension leads and power boards maintained in a safe operating condition (check for damaged insulation. water leaks. burn marks, bent or loose pins or fittings)?   
  3. Are extension leads, cords and power boards located in a safe position to prevent mechanical or other severe damage or deterioration (including trips)?   

E. Inspecting and Maintaining Electrical Equipment

  1. Are all electrical fittings and electrical equipment including portable power tools are regularly inspected and maintained?   
  2. Have all the power leads been inspected and tanned?
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