Friday, July 31, 2020

Cranes Access Control Checklist

What Points Include while Preparing Cranes

The following important points must be discussed and included:

  1. Current Certification Client Approved company.SLI Fitted & Fully Operational
  2. Hoists Limit Safety Devices Operational
  3. Boom Limit Safety Device Operational
  4. Main & Auxiliary Hoist Rope Conditions
  5. Boom Hoist Rope Conditions
  6. Boom Pendant Wire Conditions
  7. Hooks Security Latches
  8. Hook Block Conditions  & Sheaves
  9. Wire Rope Termination Security
  10. Wire Spooling on Winch Drums
  11. Lower Works/Truck Conditions
  12. Head & Rear Light Sources
  13. High & Low Head Light Beams.
  14. Turn lights
  15. Middle & Side Mirrors
  16. Glass Wipers
  17. ALL Glasses of the Item
  18. Door & Lock Conditions
  19. Main & Reverse  Horns
  20. Item Equipped for Hazardous Areas
  21. Main Spare Tires
  22. Brakes Rear Brake lights
  23. Fuel/Any Liquid Leakages
  24. Exhaust System (Noise/smoke)
  25. Fire Extinguisher
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Cranes Access Control Checklist

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