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Heat Stress

What is heat stress?

Loss of the body's ability to maintain its temperature. Reason for heat stress:

Heat Stress = Outside temperature + Humidity in the air + Nature of work

Signs of Heat Stress

·    Fatigue

·    Headache

·    Body breakdown

·    Drowsiness

·    Heartbeat

·    Fastening Fatigue from heat

Reasons for Heat Stress:

·    Extreme heat / humidity

·    Working in strong sunlight

·    Lack of fresh air

·    Weak physical condition

·     Working in sick condition

Diseases Caused by Heat:

·    Heat-induced

·    Heat-induced fatigue

·    Heat-induced body aches

·    Heat-induced drowsiness

·    Dizziness

What is Heatstroke?

A. Heat is the most dangerous form of stress:

·   Sweating stops.

·    Body temperature rises.

·    The skin turns red.

·    The person becomes unconscious.

B. What to do in this situation?

·    Lay the person in a cool and shady place.

·    Drink water and fan.

Heat Exhaustion:

·    Working in the hot sun / heat and not drinking water at work can cause fatigue.

·    In this condition rapid sweating begins.

·    The intensity of thirst increases.

·    Weakness Feels.                                     

·    What to do in this situation?

·    Stop working, drink as much water as possible, rest for 3-4 hours.

Fainting from Heat:

·    Prolonged standing in the heat reduces blood circulation to the scalp. As a result of which man would become unconscious. What to do in this situation?

·    Lay the staff in a cool place and drink plenty of water.

Body Aches from Heat:

·  Work in the heat causes muscle cramps and pain.

What to do in this situation?

·    Get the worker to rest, give him water to drink and see a doctor if his condition worsens.

Itching on the Body due to Heat:

·   Severe itching of the body due to excessive sweating.

·    Especially on the neck and chest.

What to do in this situation?

Use more water and use powder on doctor's advice.

Elements that Increase Heat Stress:

·   Drink less water.

·   Not resting at work.

·   Sleep deprivation.

·   Being physically weak.

·   Don't have breakfast.

·   Wearing thick clothes.

·   Not being able to adapt to the new environment.

You can tell if you are dehydrated by the color of your urine. Consider the image below:

As the number increases, Water scarcity is getting worse.

Ways to Avoid Heat Stress:

·   Drink water from time to time.

·    Take breaks during work.

·    If you feel unwell, see a doctor.

·    Wear loose, thin clothing.

·    Have breakfast regularly

·    Cover your head in the sun and take care of yourself and your co-workers.


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