Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hazardous Waste Weekly Inspection Checklist

The following questions will be added in the checklist to prepare and use the Hazardous Waste Weekly Inspection Checklist mechanism:
  1. Are containers properly and clearly labelled (“Hazardous Waste,” the specific contents, and the collection date)?
  2. Are containers tightly closed?
  3. Are wastes stored in compatible containers?
  4. Is there evidence of container deterioration?
  5. Are spaces between containers clear of debris?
  6. Are incompatible wastes properly segregated?
  7. Are there any signs of leaks or spills?
  8. Is spill response equipment adequate and accessible?Does each container have adequate secondary containment for its volume?
  9. If required, is an eyewash station accessible and ready for use?
  10. Are “Hazardous Waste” signs in place and visible?
  11. Is a fire extinguisher in place and visible?
  12. Are all waste containers stored inside the waste storage area?
  13. Is the total volume of wastes stored below the facility’s generator status?
  14. Are flammable wastes properly stored and grounded/bonded?
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