Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hazardous Substances Management Systems Checklist

The following questions will be added in the checklist to prepare and use the Hazardous Substances Management System Checklist mechanism:

  1. Has a written commitment been given by management to the introduction of a comprehensive strategy for the management of hazardous substances in the workplace?
  2. Does safety form an explicit part of the normal responsibilities of all line management?  For instance, is it part of job descriptions?
  3. Does the process for the development of the strategy include adequate consultation with management, workers and professionals?
  4. Has a review of existing compliance with the regulations and codes of practice relating to hazardous substances control been conducted?
  5. Has a review of the existing non-regulated chemical safety activities in the workplace been conducted?
  6. Is management clear as the specific policies and programs that need to be developed?
  7. Have priorities been set in the development and implementation of these programs?
  8. Has the strategy been given sufficient budgetary and staff resources to be implemented properly?
  9. Have performance criteria been developed to use in assessing if the programs are being implemented properly?
  10. Does the strategy include an evaluation phase to examine the strategy’s effectiveness after a specified period?
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