Monday, July 6, 2020

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment Checklist

The following questions will be added in the checklist to prepare and use the hazardous substance Health Surveillance Checklist mechanism:

1. Have all the substances in the workplace been identified?

2. Has it been determined which substances are hazardous?

3. Has information about the hazardous substances been gathered (e.g, SDS)?

4. Has the work OR activity been divided into units for assessment of the hazards?

5. Has exposure to hazardous substances in each Designated Work Group been identified?

This procedure comprises the following steps.

For every hazardous substance & chemical or group of hazardous substances in the work unit, find out:

  • Are people exposed to the substance?  How many are exposed?
  • How much are the people exposed to, by what route of exposure and for how long?
  • What control measures are used currently or proposed?
  • Are there any risks associated with other activities, such as storage, transport and disposal of the substance?

Have all hazardous substances in the work unit been scoped?  If not repeat question 5 for each hazardous substance or chemical.

6. What is the conclusion about risks? 

Is it a “simple and obvious” assessment? If yes, go to question 8.  If no decide:

  • Conclusion 1:  risks insignificant
  • Conclusion 2:  risks significant but effectively controlled
  • Conclusion 3:  risks significant and not adequately controlled
  • Conclusion 4:  uncertain about risks
  • Conclusion 5:  not enough information

7. Have actions to control risks been identified?

  • Requires no further action
  • Requires appropriate control measures
  • Requires education and training
  • Requires ongoing atmospheric monitoring
  • Requires health surveillance
  • Requires emergency procedures and first aid
  • Requires expert help

8. Has the assessment been recorded?

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