Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hazardous Materials Checklists


To minimize possible delays that would result for the Fire Department plan review, please complete the following checklist to determine if an additional level of Hazardous Materials plan review will be required.

  1. Use, dispensing, mixing or storage of flammable or combustible liquids or gases, hazardous materials, etc.                      
  2. Battery back-up rooms or racks.              
  3. Propane tanks.                    
  4. Gasoline stations with underground tanks.                    
  5. Installation or replacement above ground or underground storage of liquid petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gases, compressed natural gas, explosives or other regulated hazardous materials.                      
  6. Gas rooms for dentist, doctors or veterinarians.           
  7. Generators with back-up diesel or other fuels.              
  8. Large refrigeration systems.                      
  9. Fuel cell systems.                
  10. Commercial pool systems.            
  11. Chemical Storage areas.               
  12. Flammable liquid storage.             
  13. Compressed Gases.                       
  14. Dry cleaners.           
  15. Print Shops.             
  16. Auto Repair and Auto Body Shops.                     
  17. Research and Development.                    

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Hazardous Materials Checklists


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