Tuesday, July 21, 2020

HAVC-MEP Checklist

  1. Ensure the supply to the chiller panel is ON even though the chiller is not in operation to keep the crankcase heater activated
  2. Check the water level in Cooling Tower Sump.
  3. Check chiller line Expansion tank water level and ensure makeup line valves in the open position and float valve is serviceable
  4. Check and ensure supply voltage at the f>IC panel is not less than 390 Volt AC or above 435 Volt
  5. Ensure that the Condenser & Chiller line inlet I outlet valves are open of the AC Plant which is to be operated
  6. Check and ensure that Compressor suction and discharge valves are open.
  7. Check compressor oil level.
  8. Start the CT Fan, Condenser pump & Chiller pump and observe that their parameters are within the limit.
  9. Ensure that there is no leak of refrigerant during operation as well as gas charging. Carry out leak detection every month by leak detector and rectify the leakages immediately, if found
  10. Parameter of each machine are to be checked & recorded in the logbook every hour,
  11. ensures that machine is working normal, any deviations must be brought to the notice of A/C Supervisor/Shift in-charge immediately
  12. Check the mode of the selector switch.
  13. Check average temperature difference of the chilled water IN and OUT should be 4/5 degree
  14. Check the suction pressure is within the range of 45 psi 75 psi.
  15. The discharge pressure should be within the range of 190 psi to 325 psi
  16. The average pressure difference of the chilled water IN and OUT should be in the range of 0.3 KG to 0.8 KG/Sq. cm
  17. Is social distancing policy is implemented in the company vehicle during the traveling of workers?
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