Friday, July 3, 2020

Aluminum Fabrication Work Method Statement

Below is the step wise method for Fabrication of aluminum curtain walls for aluminum Fabrication work. If you work in an aluminum and glass Factory, then this work instruction will help you to achieve good quality aluminum work.

The following materials and tools required before start of work:

  1. Pen/Pencil
  2. Tem plate for connectors
  3. QC Stickers
  4. QC Inspection Sheet
  5. Drilling Machine, Screws & Drill Bit Knife
  6. Cutting Lists
  7. Tri-Square,
  8. Pen/Pencil
  9. Tem plate for connectors
  10. QC Stickers
  11. QC Inspection Sheet
  12. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  13. Gloves
  14. Safety glasses
  15. Shoes
  16. Mask

Important Notice:

  • All jewellery for example rings, watches, bracelets etc. must not be worn to prevent scratching products.
  • Work Instruction for aluminum Curtain Wall Fabrication
  • Receive an aluminum profile from cutting machine to the curtain wall working area.
  • Mark the mullion as per cutting list dimensions.
  • With the help of masterpiece mark all the mullions.
  • Remove the Protection tape before fitting the connectors.
  • Fix the Shoe Brackets at Top & Bottom of the mullions as per requirement.
  • Mark the holes with the help of profile template & connectors.
  • Drill the Holes as per mark
  • wear hand gloves while drilling.
  • keep the drilling machine straight and fingers away from the drill bit.
  • Fit the connectors on the mullion using screws specified in the cutting list
  • Mark holes on the Transoms with the help of a template
  • Drill the Holes as per mark. Wear hand gloves while drilling and ensure that drills are in good condition.
  • Assemble the Transom to Mullion
  • Fit the Gaskets as per the Cutting List
  • Check the Dimensions as per Cutting List
  • Store finished product

Quality Check Inspection Checklist for Aluminum Curtain Fabrication Work

  1. Check the Project Name & Item No.
  2. Check the width of the frame from center to center at top & bottom
  3. Check the height of the frame at both sides
  4. Check the connector position
  5. Ensure notching is done as per the requirement
  6. Check the gasket size and ensure that the gasket used i n the frame is as per the cutting list
  7. Check the size of the loose transom
  8. Put identification number on the "QC PASSED" sticker & stick on the frame
  9. Enter the dimensions in the Inspection Check list

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