Friday, July 3, 2020

Aluminum Cutter Machine Method Statement

1.      Take profile from taping machine and place onto Cutting machine, Check the oil level and air pressure.

2.      Press START Button (Only at Start of Shift)

3.      Enter required d dimension on cutter machine from cutting list/ Optimization list. For window, profiles Switch ON the computer and select the angle and Cutting Dimension.

4.      After entering the dimension, Press START Button to start cutting activity steps.

5.      The cutting machine will automatically set the entered dimension.

6.     Switch ON the Cutting Blade. (For window frames (F1-90o/90o, F2-450/4so, F3-45/°90o, F4-90o/45°})

7.      Hold Start Button to Clamp and start Cutting profile.

8.      The machine will automatically Clamp the Profile

· Do not put your hands between the clamps.

·  Before commencing the cutting wear earplugs and goggles.

· Gloves, safety glasses & shoes must be worn at all times.

9.      Cutting will commence automatically.

10.  Once cutting is complete, release Start Button to release machine guard

11.  Remove profile from cutting machine and store properly

12.  Press STOP Button to enter next Dimensional Setting if you need to cut another piece.

13.  Place masking Tape on profile and write Project Name & Profile cut Size.

14.  Press Stop Button at the end of Shift or if no more work is required for today.

15.  If off cut will not be used, transfer to waste trolley, otherwise, store in the proper place.

16.  While handling profile off cuts, please wear hand gloves.

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Aluminum Cutter Machine Method Statement

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