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Method Statement (Cleaning of Concrete Balancing Tank)

1. Approval

Upon approval for the cleaning of 6 concrete tanks, (HSE Documents) shall start to mobilize the team who shall be responsible for the cleaning of the tanks. (HSE Documents) shall request approval from the client as per work order to start with the process.

2. Mobilization of Staff & Installation Equipment
Staff mobilization shall follow according to the work program and necessary utilities, tools, and equipment to be used.

3. Site Organization
The Project Engineer is fully responsible for the proper and timely execution of the cleaning work. He shall maintain overall supervision and management of the cleaning process. Only qualified staff shall support the Project Engineer.

4. Progress Measurement Techniques

The activities in the cleaning works will be given ‘weight-age’ based on the man-hours requirement. Milestones for ‘Percent Complete’ shall be the basis for progress measurement. All schedules will be updated periodically, weekly, and monthly. Progress measured will be plotted against the planned values.

5. Execution Statement

A- General
  • Upon approval, a schedule shall be provided together with the materials/equipment that shall be utilized for the cleaning. This shall include the cleaning guidance and general work procedures, and the safety procedures of cleaning.
  • All staff shall be briefed upon the HSE requirements, safety standards, and measures with the safety induction course conducted by the company before the start of work. 
  • All work and mobilization of equipment and manpower shall essentially start only after approval.
B. Scope of Work
  • Shut down the pool
  • Reduce the Water in the pool below the skimmer by backwashing & draining
  • Now reduce the Water in the balancing Tank below the foot valve by back Wash.
  • Drain the water from the balancing tank using the drain valve of the balancing Tank
  • While draining the water through the drain valve stir the water using a wiper
  • Water below the Drain line will be removed by using a vacuum pump.
  • Remove the sediment if any is leftover after removing the water & clean it
  • Start Refilling of water in the balancing Tank.
  • Start Filling the Water in the Swimming pool.
  • Start the pump.
  • Backwash the water to remove the dirt which might have entered the Piping.
  • Allow water to circulate for 24 hours & settlement
  • If the water is clear and the chemical level has reached the required level open the pool for customers.
C. Safety and Standards
  • All specifications and standards as specified by the company shall be strictly adhered to.
  • The work site shall be protected with safety warning tapes and warning boards put up at appropriate locations. 
  • Approvals from the client shall be obtained at all levels before proceeding with the actual work. 
  • All works shall be carried out following the HSE regulations and HSE manual.
  • Information on some of the hazard identification for the risk register plan 
  • Injury of harmful materials.
  • Falling from ladders
  • Engulfment
  • Suffocation
  • Oxygen deficiency or enriched
  • Present toxic or flammable gases and vapors
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Poor lighting and ventilation
  • Electrocution 
  • Burns
6. Action plan to avoid the possible hazard and to be implemented at work

Working inside Confined Space:
  • Confined space entry permit
  • Isolation procedure
  • Disconnection line
  • Blocking / Binding the line
  • Locking and/ or Tagging
  • Barricading and Provision of signs
  • Purging / Flushing and Ventilation
  • Purge / Flush with water
  • Provision of mechanical ventilation
  • Gas Testing – before and during entry.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Rescue rope or lifeline.
7. Amendments and Additional Information
Should any part of this method of the statement need amendment or alteration, this must be notified for agreement by all concerned parties before it is enforced. This shall be communicated and addressed to all parties to ensure compliance. This method statement has been developed using site-specific risk assessment, and approval from both parties.

Method Statement (Cleaning of Concrete Balancing Tank)

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Method of Statement-Cleaning of the Balancing Concrete Tanks

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