Saturday, June 6, 2020

A Safe Work System Procedures-Cold Work Permit

A safe work permit (SWS) is also termed as a “Permit to Work” (PTW) is a procedural document that contains a description of the work or activity to be carried out, the hazards involved in such work, the initiatives to take, the needed endorsement, and other aspects. It is a written record authorizing a peculiar work at a specific location, and for a particular time.

Cold Work Permit System

The Cold Work Permits (CWP) are utilized in hazardous maintenance activity that does not associate with “hot work”. Particularly, the cold work permits are used when there is no acceptable source of ignition, and when all connections with adverse texture have been eliminated. Cold work is a work category that incorporated construction, maintenance, demolition, remediation, operation or other work activities/tasks, etc.
A Cold Work Permit (CWP) shall be accomplished and released before carrying out any permitted cold work/activity as described in the company health and safety policy. All type of cold Work Permits shall be released by an Asset organizer or controller and shall be received by a Performing Authority.
All types of cold work performances shall be conducted by the trained and competent person and that person shall have the accountability and authority to stop any activity they acknowledged to be unsafe.

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