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Employees Disciplinary Action Format

The under review and discussion subject employee’s disciplinary action plays a vital role in the process of successful policy implementation of an organisation. As being a Line Manager or Project Engineer, you are responsible and accountable to take every possible initiative against any misuse, negligent and violation practiced by any of the workforce or employee.  Use this disciplinary action document format for the email template to send a formal, written warning notice to employees who violate your organisation policies. You can also customize this document template whether it's a first, second or a final warning notice.

A warning letter or notice is a proper and formal way to discipline employees about their misconducts. Misconduct or dereliction may refer to:

  • Aversion Unwillingness to perform job duties
  • Attendance issues or irregularities.
  • Rupture Breach of an Organisation’s policy
  • One-time minor offenses or other types of misdemeanors

To make your company’s Occupational Health and Safety policy, take tough initiatives (like suspension from the work or permanent termination from the company) for serious violations such as misconduct, misuse or violation of PPE, harassment or fraud. According to your organisation’s disciplinary action policy, it might be best and sufficient to first warn employees/workers verbally and advise them on how to correct and improve their behavioral qualities. If they don’t conform to your organisation’s standards, you can then send a formal written warning notice to underline the seriousness of their misconduct and demonstrate what will happen if this behavior linger.

The objective and the aim is to help employees figure out how their misconduct/Misbehavior impacts the organisation and their activity, what the consequences are and how they can self-discipline so that they don’t face more critical disciplinary actions, including termination from the job. On the other side, employee warning notices or disciplinary action will help you keep record of actions or initiatives taken before deciding to dismiss an employee who ignores and negligence organisation’s regulations and admonition. Utilize this employee warning notice format or email template as a reference and make proper required alteration according to the type of misconduct or negligence. Make sure to include particular incidents that display how or when the worker committed a mistake or misbehave attitude at work and how this violates your organisation policies.

In case if it is the first warning letter or notice you send to workers, ask them to report at your office so you can further make proper discussion on the issue or suggest substitute solutions (like providing and suggesting them some days off if they have any personal problems that influence their behavior.) If this is the final warning letter or notice prior dismissal from the job, make that clear to employees so that at least they have one last opportunity to improve their behavior.

E-Mail Notice

Date: 00 January 2020

Ref: 00/0000000

1st - Warning

To: xxxxxxxxxx

Subject:  HSE Violation (Not Wearing Safety Shoes)/or

Being assigned as Electrical/Plumbing/HAVC Technician at (project/worksite), it has been noticed that you violate the OSH Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Section No #2 (Organization policy). Your violation/misbehave/misconduct may have been unintentional/unexpected, or you may have not accomplished/realized that you were violating a health and safety rule of the company. Moreover, we are bringing this to your attention because of management's sincere concern for your health and safety. Further violations/negligence of the above mentioned, or frequent violations or misdemeanor of any health and safety rules, or safe practices, will result in disciplinary/punitive action.

This 1st warning letter shall serve as a reminder that you should be responsible and professional in the conduct of your duty. And you should follow the instructions of your site Manager/Engineer/Supervisor.

If you continue to be negligent, a proper action shall be decided accordingly.

Employee’s Statement

I have read and understood the above warning notice. I am agreeing that I will not commit this violation misdemeanor/negligence again and that I will try to increase the safety with which I work.

Employees Signature: ­­ _________________________________


For (Your Organization)


HSE Department Head                                                                                   Project Manager

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Employees Disciplinary Action

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