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Hand and Power Tools Safety Toolbox Talks

Hand and Power Tool Safety and Toolbox Talks

Portable power and hand tools, equipment and machinery required regular maintenance, inspection and adjustments to sure safe and secure operation. All tool’s bits, blades and other adjustable parts always must be kept sharp and free from faults and damage. As for as the electrical equipment or tools concerned, all belts, pulleys and gears must be appropriately secured to safeguard and secure the exposing workforce to hazards.

The Hand Tool Safety

The Hand-operated tools or equipment are non-powered. The range of such tools or equipment is include anything from a hammer to axes. The main hazards occurred by hand tools result from misuse and inappropriate maintenance of the tools or equipment.
The Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, heavy-duty gloves, etc., must be worn due to critical hazards that may be experienced while using portable power tools and hand tools and equipment.

Necessary Precautions While Using the Power Tools

Working with power tools can be hazardous and dangerous when they are misused or handled improperly.

Always practice the following: 

  • Never carry a tool, equipment or machinery by the cord.
  • Never jerk the cord or to disconnect it from the holder.
  • Keep cords away from extreme heat, oil, and sharp edges of the objects or materials.
  • Always disconnect or isolate the power of the tools or equipment when not in use.
  • All attendants or watchers must be kept at a safe distance away from the immediate work area.
  • Safeguard the work or task with clamps, free hands to operate the tool or equipment.
  • Tools or equipment should be protected with great care. All the tools or equipment’s adjustable or changeable parts should be kept sharp and clean to gain the best performance. 
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s manual and instructions to get secure and the best results from the tools or equipment.
  • While operating or using the power tools, be sure to keep good footing and maintain a good balance to avoid any critical incident or injuries.

The proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

While using or operating all hand or power tools, appropriate personal protective equipment e.g., full face shields or visors, safety goggles, gloves and leather aprons must be used. If dust or fumes are generated, the proper respirator must also be worn.
Long sleeves, oversize shirts, floppy pant legs are hazardous around powered operated equipment and or tools. All type of personal jewellery such as rings, necklaces and bracelet should be removed before operating the powered tools or equipment.
Hand and Power Tools Safety Toolbox Talks

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