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Construction Worksite Safety and Toolbox Talks

Construction Worksite Safety and Toolbox Talks 

The toolbox talk will summary the safety requirements that all visitors must look at when entering a construction worksite.

How to Identify a Construction Site?         

  • Internal renovations will typically have access controlled or protected by rope, warning tape, or a closed-door with safety signboards or posters.
  • Company’s Employees should only enter a construction site if their job requires them to and their presence is known to the general contractor
  • External construction projects will be cordoned off with chain link fence, orange construction fence, warning tape or safety cones.

Look for signs posted along the perimeter informing the public:

  • Who the General Contractor is?
  • What PPE is required?
  • Site access limitations

What PPE is required?

If a company’s employee’s job activity demand them to enter a construction worksite, they must wear the following PPE:
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses or Goggles
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • Long Pants
  • Steel Toe Boots
  • PPE is required to be worn from the time you enter the site to the time you leave

Safe Working Procedures

  • Main contractors share the responsibility for all employees on their job tasks, including visitors or the general public. It is always good practice to check in with the main contractor to notify them you are in the area
  • The main  contractor will often be able to provide particular worksite health and safety information that may be required (for example. hazardous operations taking place on-worksite)
  • Always adopt all safety regulations, rules and follow all signs posted and guidelines
  • If working more than (4 Ft or Higher) use proper fall protection equipment

Group Discussion Topics

  • Is anyone in the group currently working on a construction site, or will need to shortly? If so what safety measures will they take?
  • Does everyone in the group have all the necessary PPE? If not, how can they obtain or order PPE?
  • Explain any job task-related stories where personal protective equipment (PPE) prevented a severe injury or where an injury occurred from not wearing PPE.
  • In worksite safety meetings, always try to discuss if there is any safety issue exist that you currently have.

Construction Site Safety Toolbox Talks

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