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Assessment of Task before Permit Issue Guidelines

Assessment of Task before Permit Issue

Work Permits always required in high-risk sectors like, oil and gas fields, construction, working in confined space etc. here we will discuss why it is necessary to assess the task before the permit issue. A permit to work (PTW) system is a formal documented system, utilized to control high-risk job tasks. Such type of work permits is issued by a project or line manager or project engineer or supervisor and allow a person to carry out a job task, under severe controls. Permit to work will allow a particular person to carry out high-risk work activities at a particular time, providing that the measures detailed in the work permit and referenced documentation are adopted.
In construction projects, permit to work (PTW) are likely to be needed for tasks such as electrical, hot works, cold works, excavations, confined space, lifting operations. Work Permits are necessary to the safety of the workforce and or employees of the high-risk activities, but can only accomplish the health and safety objectives if the proper policy is adopted and the work permits are backed by other occupational health and safety documentation, not contradicted.

Objectives of a Permit to Work (PTW) System

The work permits system permits to carry out any specific work job. Every work permit must be signed off by the project manager or project engineer before the start of the work activity.
To make sure that all document procedures are completed and risk assessment of the task is also carried out. Permits to work will normally include precautions before, during and after the work activities, along with all emergency and supervisory requirements.

Provide a Procedure to Support a Risk Assessment

The permit to work (PTW) will prevent extreme-risk work tasks commencing before a particular assessment of the risks, and where applicable, method of statements has been conducted

Source of Health and Safety Information

The work permit procedure shows to all technical personal that all required health and safety measures are in place, hazards and risks assessment and evaluation done and control measures are in place. The permit to work (PTW) gives them a clear set of instructions to work through a written documented procedure. The work permit provides a properly documented procedure to return the working area to a safe condition on completion of the work.
Always ensure that the work area is made safe on completion. The work scope area will only be handed over for normal use once the permit has been signed off and the area declared safe. The permit to work gives a means of proper communication and the permit will set in place the all communications required particularly in work activities, for example, lifting operations, confined space, cold work, excavation work, or lone working, this is fundamental for the secure completion of the work activities or to activate emergency response procedures.

The Permit to Work (PTW- A Written Record Procedure

As for the work permit concerned, it acts as a written record of when the work activity was completed, by whom, and what activity was done. Such time of written procedures are always signed off, by both the Project engineer and or supervisor and the operative of the work task, so it is the testimony of the work task or activities and checks carried out.

Assessment of Task before Permit Issue

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