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Basic Electrical Hazards and Safety Toolbox Talks

Basic Electrical Hazards and Safety and Talks

Electrical hazards can be classified into three types. The most commonly known hazard is electrical shock. The second kind of hazard is electrical burns and it affects the human body tissues and it partially of complete damage. and the third is the effects of blasts which involve pressure shock, the flying molecule from vaporized conductors and first breath concentration.

How Electrical Current Adversely Affects the Human Body.

The Electrical Shock

Now here we discuss and elaborate on how an Electric shock develop? It is simple when the body becomes part of an electrical circuit. And electrical Shocks can happen in three ways.
  1. The first condition is when someone may come in contact with both conductors in a circuit.
  2. The second contributor factor when a path between an underground conductor and the ground itself. 
  3. The third reason when a person provides a path between the ground and a conducting material that is in contact with an underground conductor.
The scope of injury accompanying electric shock depends on three elements:
  1. The supply of current run through the human body.
  2. The way of the electrical current through the body. 
  3. The length of time a human body is exposed to the current. The amount of electrical current calculates on the possible difference and resistance.
The effects of low current on the human body range from a temporary mild thrill sensation to death. An electric shock to the human body can harm you in either or both of the below:
  • A serious electrical shock can halt the human heart of the breathing muscles or both.
  • The heating effects of the current can cause serious burns, mainly at points where the electricity enters and leaves the human body. Other effects include serious weep, breathing disorders, and ventricular fibrillation.

Effects of Electrical Current On the Human Body

The electrical Current is the assassination factor in electrical shock. The Voltage is essential only in that it regulates how much current will flow through a given human body or other resistance. The current mandatory to engage a 10-watt bulb is eight to ten times more current than the amount that would kill a human. A constrain of 120 volts is enough to cause an electrical current to flow which is many times greater than that mandatory to kill the human.

Resistance Values

Type of Resistance Resistance Values

Dry Skin           100,000 to 600,000
Wet Skin           1000 Ohms
Hand to Foot    400 to 600 Ohms
Ear to Ear        100 Ohms

The Safe Work Practice

In the safe work practices, the basic step in developing a safe system of work (SSOW) is to have proper procedures in place which provide technical guidelines and instructions for technical electrical technicians to carryout multiple various tasks safely. The electrical hazards and injuries can eliminate or minimize by providing proper health and safety rules and technical guidelines for technicians working on or near energized electrical circuit conductors. By hiring competent personals, and provision of tools, personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Basic Electrical Hazards and Safety Toolbox Talks

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