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Here Are Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Bruising Easily Completely

As a person grows older, the structure beneath the skin changes causing it to be more prone to easy bruising. There is less protection for the capillaries that are just under the skin. Most of the time a bruise does not offer any serious health challenges and requires no special treatment to eventually heal, however, some steps can be taken to stop bruising easily and promote more rapid healing.

Protective clothing can help to prevent bruising. Long sleeve shirts and long pants protect arms and legs. Occasionally this is all the additional padding that is required. If you find that you are regularly bruising your hips, put on lengthy sweaters that cover the hips. Wear your shoes to prevent bruising on your foot and your toes. For forearms and thighs search for shielding pads that will cowl these areas at your local drug save. For some people, increasing the consumption of foods that contain high levels of vitamin K will help increase the clotting that helps prevent bruising easily. This vitamin is found in leafy greens and cabbages. Vitamin K supplements may also help but check with your doctor first if you are taking any type of blood thinner.

If you have an existing bruise, crush fresh parsley and spread the crushed leaves onto the bruise as a compress. This promotes healing and can help to fade the black and blue of a bruise in as little as a day. An adhesive bandage or gauze and tape can help hold the parsley in place.

If you are on a daily aspirin regimen, be sure that you are taking the 81 mg aspirin and not the regular strength 325 mg adult dose. Daily aspirin of the adult dose will thin the blood too much and cause blood leakage through the capillaries. These leaks will cause bruising at the sites of the leakage.

A good multivitamin supplement may also help. In addition to providing the vitamin K already highlighted and described, it should also provide vitamin C. These vitamins can benefit to intact your body strong, smooth, and healthy and assist you to avoid weakness and deficiency for easy bruising.

Remember the Acronym RICE

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

If you have injured a part of your body, remember the acronym RICE. This tells you how to care for a bruise. 

  1. The injured area should be allowed to REST. That provides it with a chance to improve and rebuild.
  2. ICE constricts the blood vessels and helps to stop bleeding beneath the skin. 
  3. COMPRESSION and ELEVATION help the blood to drain out of the area which has been injured.

Finally, try to eat citrus fruit every day. While your frame can get a few vitamins C from a multivitamin, citrus fruit also can assist to reinforce the partitions of the capillaries. As the capillaries emerge as more potent, they're less probably to leak, and there's much less bruising. Vitamin C is also instrumental in healing the body. A daily dose of citrus fruit can help to prevent bruising and help heal existing bruises.

While most bruises may not be harmful, they can be both painful and ugly. Follow the steps outlined here to help stop bruising easily and heal the bruises that do occur. You should also consider the additional step of following the all-natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program to help stop bruising easily completely, just like people all over the world have done with great success.

Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Bruising Easily Completely 

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Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Stop Bruising Easily Completely 

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