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Commitment to Sustainable and Responsible Procurement (CSR)

The business and activities of [COMPANY] entities are governed by the applicable international and local laws and regulations dealing among others with environmental protection, product, and human safety as well as social welfare.

Since various material or items supplies, main or sub-subcontractor, and services are greatly involved in such activities, The [COMPANY] objectives and aims to regularly boost and nurture feasible and accountable and well deserved and responsible procurement and consequently expects all their colleagues involved in the procurement chain and all their subcontractors, material suppliers and various service providers to comply with this Sustainable Procurement Code of Conduct.

The [COMPANY] values of excellence, innovation, safety, team spirit, challenge, and respect shall equally apply to the buyers and the suppliers, and their performance shall accordingly and continuously be monitored and assessed to effectively reach the highest sustainable and responsible procurement standards. Non-compliance can also result in the termination of the procurement contract.

[COMPANY] further expect its buyers and suppliers to effectively contribute to the continuous alignment of the [COMPANY] 's procurement chain with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization Conventions 29 and 105 (forced labor prevention), 111 (prevention of discrimination), 138 and 182 (child labor prevention), the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and with the guiding principles of ISO 26000, and ISO45001.

Safeguarding and promoting sustainable and responsible procurement is a long-term learning and development process. Such development shall always consider benchmarking with the local practices of the country or area where [COMPANY] is operating, it is understood that [COMPANY] aims to reach higher standards. 

[COMPANY] shall at any time be authorized to assess, audit, compare and reference the buyers’ and/or suppliers’ performances in the implementation of and compliance with this Code of Conduct, as an integral part of [COMPANY] corporate social responsibility objectives and action plans. Suppliers shall give [COMPANY] all necessary access to information and data to ensure such assessment, audit, comparison, and/or reference.

1. The [Company] Group’s buyers


The buyer shall do his unconditional and ultimate efforts to gain a well-trusted and endless links with his supplier, having and maintaining business accountability. The buyer aims to ensure mutual commitment, transparency, and confidentiality of information exchanged.

The buyer shall determine relevant and objective selection criteria and organize a fair and objective competition with due consideration for the specific business requirements applicable to the context of the intended procurement.

The buyer shall maintain all information, references, and evaluations of any of the [COMPANY] suppliers and continuously share the same with the other [COMPANY] 's buyers, this with a view on the permanent preferred selection of the supplier which effectively contributes to [COMPANY] 's sustainable and responsible procurement.

Conflict of interests

The buyer shall remain impartial and follow the principles of fair competition and bribery prevention to stay independent in the decision-making process and ensure sustainable and responsible procurement. The buyer shall negate and avoid any business deals, circumstantial aspects in which a conflicting interest may affect negatively or can influence his business conduct.

Gifts and hospitality

The buyer and or customer shall discourage other business partners/parties from receiving gifts or gaining any personal benefits in any shape/hospitality in any way. Small value gifts are tolerated to the extent that they take part in national or local customs and are legally valid. The buyer shall negate and avoid any hospitality advantages and or personal benefits as it may be understood as a way to make a shuffle or desire in the target and aim of the procurement process. In case of any doubt about a gift or hospitality, the buyer shall refer to his line manager or the [COMPANY] 's CSR officer.

Social & HSE Aspects

The other essential and mandatory point to remember and practice is that the buyer shall encompass or add the procurement process related to social and HSE standards with the same deliberation as to the economic and financial conditions from the first contact with the supplier to the final award decision essentially.

2. The [Company] Suppliers

Employment standards

The supplier shall adhere to with the state's/country’s, laws and regulations where the business physically exists or is being operated. This includes the exclusion of all forms of illegal or forced labor, child labor, and any discrimination or preference about employment.

Integrity and loyalty

The supplier agrees with the principles of loyalty and integrity as the essence of a sustainable and reliable relationship with [COMPANY]. The supplier shall adhere to all the state's/country’s laws and regulations where the business physically exists related to positive competition and other essential terms such as bribery prevention, extortion, money laundering, and gifts strategy to gain business benefits illegally and immorally. They shall avoid and identify and disclose to [COMPANY] any situation presenting an actual or potential conflict of interest.


The supplier shall continuously consider the highest standards for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity as applicable in the country where it operates and shall develop environment-friendly initiatives and proposals in all his proposals and further in the due execution of any awarded procurement contract. The supplier shall continuously minimize the nuisance to nature and the local community, the use of energy and water, and waste production. In this respect, it shall ensure to provide recycling solutions for any waste generated at all stages of execution of any awarded procurement contract.

The use of toxic substances shall be restricted as much as possible whereas their safe handling shall be secured.

Health & safety

The supplier shall ensure a safe and healthy work environment to his employees, workers, and sub-contractors, if any, that would be authorized by [COMPANY] as well as to any employee, worker, or third party that would be involved, directly or indirectly, in or around of the execution of any awarded procurement contract.

The supplier shall establish a proactive action to improve and enhance the HSE circumstances for the same at all phases of the tender and the execution of any Awarded Procurement Contract (APC).

Any situation with a risk to health and safety shall immediately be disclosed to [COMPANY] and mitigation measures shall be taken by the supplier without further notice.

Welfare Facilities

The client will ensure that on-site welfare facilities are provided and properly maintained. 

The client shall provide and maintain accommodation, sanitary ad washing facilities, changing and drying rooms, and canteen facilities for site workers. 

[COMPANY] shall provide appropriate sanitary and washing facilities and kitchen facilities within

the [COMPANY] site offices.

Products, equipment & services

The supplier shall follow and adopt the highest HSE standard in the management of the products, equipment, machinery, and or other services as well as various resources involved in the company's tender preparation, submission, and also in the process of the execution of any awarded procurement contract and shall merely use be complying products, materials, machinery, devices equipment, and services.

As CE requirements include various obligations related to safety and the environment, the purchased products and equipment shall comply with such requirements, also when sent to a non-EU country.

The supplier shall work on the continuous improvement of their products, equipment, and services to reach the highest standards of sustainability and responsibility.


The supplier shall comply with a strict confidentiality duty about the information that it collects from [COMPANY] and shall refrain from using such information for any other purpose than its tender to [COMPANY] and the execution of any awarded procurement contract.

Commitment to Sustainable and Responsible Procurement (CSR)


Commitment to Sustainable and Responsible Procurement (CSR)

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