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Suspended Scaffolds Toolbox Talks

Here we will discuss the term “Suspended scaffolds”. The suspended Scaffold structure is a platform that is suspended by strong ropes or other non-rigid means from an overhead structure. Suspended scaffolds include the following: 

A. Swing stage. 
B. Multipoint scaffolds.
C. Catenary scaffolds. 

  1. Suspended scaffolds can crate and cause fatal and serious risks if there is a failure or damage and or destruction in the integrity of the structure or the ropes. Moreover, the Workforce/employees at heights risk extreme and fatal serious human injuries or death from falls if fall-protection systems are not installed or in place. To protect the workers while working on scaffolds, follow these safety guidelines and points to ensure safety:
  2. Suspended scaffolds must be designed by a competent person.
  3. Ensure that all of the Suspension Support Devices (SSD) are resting on surfaces that have the strength and ability to support at least four times the intended load. 

If we meant what are supporting devices? These include:

  • Outrigger beams. 
  • Cornice hooks.
  • Parapet clamps.
  • Similar devices.


  1. Verify that each suspension rope, including connecting hardware is capable of supporting without failure at least 6 times the maximum intended load.
  2. When inspecting scaffolds for capacity, keep in mind that adjustable suspension scaffolds are designed to be raised and lowered while occupied by workers and materials and must be capable and have the ability and strength of bearing their load both stationary or in motion.
  3. Restrain outrigger beams to prevent movement.
  4. To keep a scaffold from falling to the ground, use counterweights and attach them to an acceptable anchor point
  5. Use fall protection (either a guardrail system or a personal fall arrest system) While running on any scaffold 10 feet or more above a decreased degree. When working on a suspension scaffold, use both a guardrail and a private fall arrest system. Inspect all scaffolds before use or at least daily.
Suspended Scaffolds Toolbox Talks 

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Suspended Scaffolds Toolbox Talks

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