Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Method Statement for Insulation and Jacketing

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The purpose of this approach Statement is to describe the execution system for the supply and set up of Hot & Personnel Protection insulation works of Piping, Valves, and Flanges. This method statement provides the necessary aid to the execution team with relevant facts concerning the particular project requirement and a manual line for a manner to work thoroughly.

Scope of Work & Description of Procedure:

The total process consists of the surface check, fixing of insulation materials, securing and cladding activities. This procedure covers stage-wise activities including quality control checks for insulation work. A controlled copy of the manufacturer product data sheet and Method statement shall be available at the site throughout the project. Whenever insulation work shall be interrupted, the insulation spot shall be protected with a polythene sheet to avoid ingress of any moisture. The following item shall not be insulated unless otherwise noted on the drawings

To download the complete "Method Statement for Insulation and Jacketing", in Microsoft Office Editable Word format, click on the link below:

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Method Statement for Insulation and Jacketing 

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