Monday, December 6, 2021

10-Basic Rules For First Aid Emergency

For the effectiveness of Success for the First Aid Emergency; you can use this under discussion First Aid short training induction PowerPoint Slide to your workers; and to get more ready-to-Use editable high quality HSE Documents, keep visiting our health and safety free documents site at; the following are some integral and essential points: 

  1. Use a systematic approach in all medical emergencies.
  2. Identify and avoid risks to yourself, the person affected and third parties.
  3. Search and request for prompt support (First Aiders, AED, Emergency Number 999).
  4. Be “suspicious” and essentially presume it is something ultimately serious. Deal quickly with any chaos and cope with the emergency.
  5. Make a proper position for the patient so that they feel comfortable and relaxed (except in the event of a possible and suspected spinal injury).
  6. Only let one person talk to the patient.
  7. Get medical first aid trained/medical professional assistance much quicker in case of emergencies with children.
  8. Make sure there is leadership available; one person must always take the lead.
  9. Only shift or transport patients by ambulance or taxi as soon as possible.

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10-Basic Rules For First Aid Emergency 

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