Monday, July 12, 2021

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

The following is some key points that will help you to prepare a checklist for the preventive, maintenance and plumbing (PPM) for the management of facility:

  1. Check warning notices /labels are still in place
  2. Check and examine visual/audible indications are functioning accurately
  3. Check for sound physical fillings of equipment/devices including loosening or corrosion of supports and fixing including towers and bracket
  4. Check all glands and seal on external equipment/devices to make sure no penetration of water into the equipment and or devices.
  5. Check all cables and fixings remain properly supported, undamaged and showing no undue signs of wear and tears
  6. Check the pitcher quality of each camera and coloured monitor selection
  7. Security and surveillance such as cameras, lenses, covers and housings have been cleaned where necessary to ensure nothing obscures the field of view
  8. Check all automatic and remote-control surveillance devices such as camera functions are satisfactory and that the camera movement and fields of view are free from sight blockage; obstruction and any privacy masking zones are still in place.
  9. Operations of all monitoring, switching and recording equipment (including time synchronization) are satisfactory
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